Maj Musical Monday #66

München, Bayern 80331

MajMusical Monday #66

Beginn :21.00.
Eintritt:7 Euro


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„See I was born too late and I’ll never be like you. “ What was sad but true for SAINT VITUS in 1986, is still relevant for BUG today. Inside the no scene and far, far away from the hipsters? Two steps forward or three steps back? Music therapy for Burnout patients? Soundtrack for losers and nerds? Longterm Non Progressor?

Since 1997 BUG has been living the DIY dream of the long gone 80 ies HC/Punk Underground. BUG is all about bluesy rhythm, distorted guitar melodies, slow, deep and hard bass lines, spastic drums and frantic howling. They can‘t follow no trend, so they are playing autistic Post Post Blues/Aggro/Vintage/Jazz/Punk/Doom/HC/Anti/Sludge/Noise Rock. The lyrics are about personal misery and the pitch black side of human nature, politics and the old stars of entertainment industry. But BUG don’t take them too seriously. Good fellow Austrian Labels like ROCK IS HELL/ INTERSTELLAR/NOISEAPPEAL Records put out there records over the past years. BUG were honored to play with the crème de la crème of guitar/Noise underground like BL‘AST, THE KOJN, IT‘S EVERYONE ELSE, HELLA COMET, ZENI GEVA, ACHEBORN, ZEN GUERILLA, KURT, AGAINST ME, KEELHAUL, SENSUAL LOVE, ANALENA, WUNSCHKINDER, FRESNEL, BREATHER RESIST, RIVERWITCH, HSD, FUCKHEAD, PHILLIP Q., TODESSTERN, MADE OUT OF BABIES, DISGRACIA LEGEND, REFLECTOR, OXBOW, TEN VOLT SHOCK, UNHOLD, UNSANE, BETONGABI, TURN OUT, MEN KILLING MEN, JULITH KRISHUN, NEUME, IZEN, ARABROT, NARROWS, UNITED MOVEMENT, BLACK BOOKS, PLANKS…




Luca and Fra know each other in Milano and, when meeting again in Munich during 2012, they start building on their noisish ideas mixed with a good dose of 90’s romance. Luigi joins as a second guitarist shortly after. “Frana” literally means “landslide” but it’s also said of a hopeless person, and it sounds like a totally appropriate name. Clearly Frana tend not to take themselves too seriously (see for yourself the song titles). After a change of line-up Sascha joins as drummer in the spring of 2014. Following the digital release of their first Demo EP *** in 2013, the new EP “Odds And Ends” is now out. ! The four tracks on “ Odds And Ends” turn out as a coalesce of abrasive noiserock with a sharp and modern post-hardcore edge, frantic and restless. Nervous odd rhythmics evolve into screams, open twangy tunes and sturdy energetic riffs. Progressing through unsteady moods, seismic bursts and brief slowdowns, the 18 propulsive minutes sound just tight, squared and vital. !

Recorded in November 2014 at Trai Studio in Inzago (IT), mixed by Fabio Intraina and mastered by Maurizio Giannotti, “Odds And Ends” is released on single-sided 12” yellow vinyl with the support of a neat transalpine collaboration of DIY labels: Munich Punk Shop (DE), Neat Is Murder (IT), Il Verso Del Cinghiale Records (IT), Shove Records (IT) and CORPOC (IT). !